Automotive Air Conditioning

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    Air Conditioner Maintenance and More for Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

    When the temperature rises, we reach for the AC switch and hope that it is going to work and cool down our scorching steering wheel and sticky leather seats. If you have paid a visit to our air conditioning experts in Lake Macquarie, you can be confident that it will work as it is supposed to. Staying comfortable and alert has been cited as a major contribution to road safety, and we take that very seriously indeed.

    Automotive air conditioning services by the experts

    Here at Warners Bay Radiators, we are the masters of automotive cooling services. Our qualified team of cooling and heating experts can keep both you and your car cool even during the hottest weather. Our specialist automotive air conditioning services will keep you and your passengers cool and comfortable whether you are negotiating city traffic or eating up the miles on the highway.

    A comprehensive range of automotive air conditioning services

    Our automotive air conditioning experts can provide a comprehensive range of air conditioning services promptly and at highly competitive rates. From system maintenance and recharging to component replacement and the installation of complete aftermarket air conditioning systems, we can take care of it all.

    We are an ethical business and always collect and dispose of our waste refrigerants in an environmentally sound way that conforms to Australian standards.

    Call the automotive air conditioning experts here at Warners Bay Radiators now on 02 4954 4200 .

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